How to set JIO caller tune? And how to deactivate jeo Caller tune?

Hello friends, welcome to, today we are going to tell you about Jio Caller Tune Kaise Lagaye. If you want to know about Jio Caller Tune Kaise Activate Kare too, then you are reading the right post in this post.  Will give full information about it.

Today you will know about Jio Me Caller Tune Kaise Change Kare in this post, we will tell you about it in simple language, hope that you will like today's post like all our previous posts.

You already know that earlier Rs 30 Per Month Charge used to be done for Caller Tune, but Jio has given another free service for its users with Unlimited Calling and Data, that is Caller Tune.  With which you can easily set your own Tune that too for free.

Friends, if you are a Jio user and you have got Unlimited Pack Activate on your Jio Number, then in that you get the facility to set Caller Tune for free from Jio, although it costs money for Hello Tune but we will tell you that  How you can also set up Jio Tune in 5-10 minutes.

So let's know that Jio Caller Tune Kaise Set Kiya Jata Hai just read our below given post for it from the beginning to the end, we hope that you will also know how you can also set and change Jio Tune in Free  is.

How to set jio caller tune?

You can set up Jio Caller Tune in two ways, first way is by Jio Music App and second way is by Message.  But before that it is important that your phone is Volte, if your phone is only 4G and not Volte, then first you have to download all the application of Reliance Jio, if all the apps of Reliance Jio are already downloaded in your phone, then good  thing is.  So let's know about both those methods of setting Jio Caller Tune.

After downloading this app, open it in your phone and login to it, you can also login through Sim without creating an account.

Search Song

After login, you will reach the home page of Jio Music, there you will have songs from different categories, apart from this you can also set Caller Tune by typing the song of your choice from its Search menu.

Tap on song

After searching the song of your choice, you will be able to show all the songs related to that song, of which you tap on the song whose Tune you want to set.

 Play Music In Play Bar

As soon as you tap on that song, the below song Play Bar will open and your song will be played. To set this song's Tune, tap on the song Play Bar which will show in the Play Bar Full Screen.

 Set as jio tune

Here you will also get the option of Set As Jio Tune with Song Download, Share Option and tap on Set As Jio Tune to set Tune.

Note- Keep in mind that if the Option Hide of Set As Jio Tune is hidden, it means that the Caller Tune of that song is not available, you should try another song.

Confirm Tune

As soon as you click on Set As Jio Tune, then a Confirmation Pop Up Show will be there and then click on Set As Jio Tune again.

Caller Tune Successfully Set

Now you will get the message of Caller Tune set on your Jio Sim, which means that Caller Tune has been successfully set on your Jio number, you can check it by calling from another phone.

So in this way you can set Jio's Caller Tune on your Jio number very easily.

How to set Jio Caller Tune via Message

Friends, if you want to know about how to set Caller Tune by message, then you can do it by following our steps given below.

Type Message and Send

 First type "JT" in the message box of your phone and send it to "56789".

 Select Category

 You will get an answer that has 3 options in Bollywood, Regional and International, for which category song you want to make a Caller Tune, give an answer.

 Reply For Bollywood Song

 For Bollywood, type 1 in Reply and send it, followed by another Reply, which will include Song Of The Day, Top 10 Songs and Option Show of Popular Songs.

 Show Songs List

 Type any one option (1,2 or 3) in Reply and send it if you have replied for Top 10 Songs or Song Of The Day, then you will get a List Show of that song.

 Reply For Your Favorite Song

 Now type in the number Reply with your favorite song and send it.

 Confirmation Message

 Now you will get a different message, type "Y" in it and send it, after this you will get the Confirmation Message of Caller Tune Activation.

How to change Jio Caller Tune ?

 As we told you that this Caller Tune service of Jio is absolutely free, you can set the new Tune by following the process of setting up Jio Caller Tune as many times as you want, so that your Caller Tune will automatically change.  .  So friends, you must have understood how you can change Jio Caller Tune.

How To Deactivate Jio Caller Tune?

 Friends, if you do not want Caller Tune on your Jio Number or you want to Deactivate it, then for this you have to send "Stop" in your Message Box to "56789" and then follow the Instruction you get and your Jio  Turn off the Tune and in a short time a Confirmation Message will also come to your phone, meaning your Jio Tune has been successfully transacted, you can call from another phone and check whether the Caller Tune Deactivate has happened.


So friends, this was our today's post Jio Caller Tune Kaise Set Kare, along with this you also got to know about Jio Caller Tune Kaise Band Kare, hope that you will like our post, like it and share it.

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