FASTags will be required to be installed in all vehicles from December 1, what is known and where to get it

New Delhi, Sanjay Singh. Fastag required for payment of toll electronically without cash will also be available at petrol pumps soon and it will also pay petrol and parking fee. Not only this, tolls will also be accepted on state highways and urban toll plazas through FASTAG. Government agencies are busy preparing for this.

Under the National Electronic Toll Collection Program, the government has made it mandatory to fasten all types of motor vehicles in the country from December 31, 2019. In view of this, the government has made arrangements to increase the availability of Fastag so that there is no problem due to sudden rush at the last minute.

Fastag has to be pasted on the windshield

Fastag is an easy-to-use simple radio frequency identification (RFID) tag that needs to be affixed to the front mirror of the vehicle. When the fastened vehicle passes the toll plaza, the equipment installed there automatically deducts the toll from the driver's account. This system has completely eliminated the hassle of cash payments.

Fastag facilities at more than 528 toll plazas

NPCI Chief Operating Officer Praveena Rai said, 'Fastag is our primary focus under the National Electronic Toll Collection Program. And it has become fully interoperable in less than two years. In October'19, toll of Rs 702.86 crore was collected in more than 3.1 crore trips from Fastag vehicles. Earlier in September'19, toll of Rs 658.94 crore was collected in 29.01 rounds. Currently 23 banks associated with this system are issuing Fastag issues. While 10 banks are receiving payment of Fastag. As of today, tolls are being collected through Fastag on more than 528 toll plazas on national highways.

Where can i buy fastag

From December 1, 2017, Fastag is coming in all new cars made in the country. At present, apart from authorized bank branches, Fastag can be purchased through toll plazas, retail POS locations, banks and e-commerce websites and through My Fastag app. Also, a recharge of at least 100 rupees can be done. Fastag will also be available at petrol pumps soon. Not only this, it will be possible to pay not only tolls, but also petrol-diesel-CNG and parking charges.

SMS will come on the registered mobile number

To promote electronic toll collection, NPCI has arranged for a 2.5 percent cashback on using Fastag as on March 31, 2020. Under this, when a driver passes through the electronic toll plaza, the toll amount will be deducted from his account. But after a few seconds 2.5% of the amount will be returned to the account. Its SMS comes on the registered mobile number of the driver.

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