Government of India worried over misuse of WhatsApp for recruitment of terrorists

Washington, PTI India is concerned about the use of the Internet, especially the use of social media and messaging apps like WhatsApp to recruit and radicalize terrorists. The US State Department report states this.

The US State Department on Friday released its report on terrorism related countries for the year 2018 after the spy case was exposed through WhatsApp. The report says in the chapter on India, “Government of India officials are constantly concerned about the use of the Internet. Especially in cases of recruiting and fanatizing terrorists through social media and messaging apps like WhatsApp, and inciting tension between the Dharams.

The report said that India's home secretary and other senior officials met with representatives of global social media companies to stop the process of online recruitment and radicalization of terrorists.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp said on Thursday that Indian journalists and human rights activists were among those spied on the global spy software 'Pegasus'.

The US State Department has said in its report that in South India, the news of radicalizing terrorists through online medium kept coming throughout the year. There are also reports that some youths recruited in terrorist organizations were sent to the Islamic State in Afghanistan.

According to the report, attacks by Pakistan-based terrorist organizations, tribal and Maoist militants will continue in India. In the year 2018, Jammu and Kashmir was the most affected by terrorism while Maoists were active in the northeastern states and parts of central India. India will identify terrorist organizations in its border and eliminate them and maintain pressure.

According to the report, the Indian leadership, along with the US and other like-minded countries, expressed a desire to stop the attacks of terrorists and bring the culprits to justice.

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